Company certifications

To live up to the standards of large-scale retail trade, we put the maximum guarantee of the quality of our products first throughout the supply chain.

Our aim is to ensure product quality and safety, together with our long-standing certified suppliers. To this end, we carry out widespread monitoring of residues and accurate internal and external controls and advise our associated producers on phytosanitary defense and cultivation methods.

This protocol is respected by all the producers of the Lilla&Giuliani Group. The search for the highest levels of Product was achieved by obtaining the certifications.

Quality materials

To guarantee greater freshness to our products, we use quality materials throughout the supply chain. Our Mission is to enhance the characteristics of the product from collection to distribution, for this we use the best suppliers.

We are able to modulate shapes, colors and types of materials according to customer requests (Wood, Cpr, Eps, Ifco, Baskets, Bags, Heat-sealed, Flowpack). For us, quality also means respect for the environment, which is why we invest in 90% R-PET and FSC certified materials.