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From field to table, we select the best products of Puglia

Our company

Since the 1970s, the Lilla e Giuliani agricultural group has been involved in the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables, which are exported throughout Europe. As a company, we are committed to providing high quality and healthy products.

Our products

The territorial vocation of the south-east of Bari with mild climates with a Mediterranean imprint favors the production of most vegetables, the production activity covers an area of about 100 hectares located between the various municipalities in the province of Bari including Polignano a Mare, Conversano and Mola di Bari, divided between self-production and association with long-standing loyal producers.

Biological agriculture

Since 2019, the Lilla & Giuliani factory has had all the certifications necessary to trade organic products with the main large-scale retail buyers.

The organic certification is synonymous with reliability as for the entire production cycle all those measures are implemented to differentiate the processing from the conventional one.

Certifications and quality

To live up to the standards of large-scale retail trade, we put the maximum guarantee of the quality of our products first throughout the supply chain.

To guarantee greater freshness to our products, we use quality materials throughout the supply chain. Our Mission is to enhance the characteristics of the product from collection to distribution, for this we use the best suppliers.